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/ What to do if the Jaw Crusher has an unstable output?

Time: 2018-05

Jaw crusher is one of the commonly used equipment for ore crushing. Jaw crusher is the preferred equipment for rough processing of ore. It has extraordinary crushing capacity and crushing efficiency, and the range of adaptable materials is also relatively wide. It can meet the compressive strength 320MPa. The following various ore, rock and other materials. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery here is to remind users of the Jaw Crusher in the process of broken ore output instability.

Jaw crusher is a mechanical equipment used for ore crushing process. Some abnormal conditions may occur during the crushing of ore by jaw crusher, such as jaw crusher parts wear and jaw crusher output instability. . Joyal talked here with us about how to solve the problem if the Jaw Crusher has an unstable output.

If the Jaw Crusher has an unstable output, the user needs to check whether the hardness of the material to be broken is within the tolerance of the jaw crusher. During the crushing process, the volume of the added material should not exceed the size and hardness of the feed port. To be appropriate. The properties of ore and other materials also have a certain influence on the jaw crusher output.

The wear of linings, bearings, lintels and other components also affects the jaw crusher’s output. When the crusher accessories wear out, the jaw crusher’s working stability will decrease, and the crushing efficiency of the material will decrease accordingly. Therefore, the operator should regularly inspect the wear of the parts. When the parts wear out, they must make timely adjustments or replace the damaged parts of the new jaw crusher.

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