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/ What should I do if the jaw crusher emits harsh noise?

Time: 2019-01

 Jaw Crusher is a very common ore crushing processing machinery for crushing ore processing. The jaw crusher has high crushing efficiency. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery should remind users to pay attention to the process of jaw crusher in crushing ore. In the noise problem that occurs in the jaw crusher, Joyal simply talks about how to deal with this problem.

When the jaw crusher works, sounds of different frequencies will occur, and sometimes abnormal vibration will occur due to loss of work or defects of the bearing, which will generate noise, which will cause great harm to people’s health and living environment. The jaw crusher sometimes produces a lot of sound. How do you solve this noise?

Users can install rubber lining in the parts where the jaw crusher is easy to rub, to reduce the noise caused by the impact; install the jaw crusher on the anti-vibration base, the noise of the whole machine can be reduced by about 15~25dB; The drive surface of the feed plate and the feed funnel of the crusher and the frame of the casing are covered with damping material to reduce the radiation area of ​​the noise; the muffling passage of the original discharge port of the jaw crusher prevents the internal noise from radiating outward.

Machine failure can lead to additional noise. For example, if the belt is deflected, the sound of the product belt will be hit. For example, there is a problem with the discharge. Excessive stone hits the noise generated by the crusher, and the machine foundation drops, causing the machine to resonate. If such noise occurs, you should contact the technician at the first time to resolve the fault and avoid further losses.