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/ What factors influence the effect of production hammer crusher

Time: 2016-08

Hammer crusher is the primary crusher machinery and equipment industry in several important material crushing, hammer crusher hammer will rotate with chunks of ore broken into smaller pieces, then sand and gravel production line to carry out other work, so hammer crusher sand production line is an important contributor. As a professional crusher manufacturer, the Shanghai Joyal certainly understand the importance of mining machinery production efficiency hammer crusher crusher users. Here Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and we talk about what factors affect production efficiency hammer crusher.

(1) hammer crusher at work, if the crushing cavity material into the larger size when the working parts will make the cavity larger load to bear, resulting in crusher parts are subject to greater wear, impact crusher of productivity.
(2) hammer crusher at work, lubricating oils containing impurities or inadequate supply, will result in the production process hammer crusher can not play an important advantage of the machine, to the crusher production.

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