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/ What factors affect the life of ultrafine mill equipment?

Time: 2016-05

With the continuous economic development and innovation of science and technology, there is now on the market a lot of ultra-fine milling machine milling machine manufacturers, competition between manufacturers of these ultra-fine milling machine is very intense, and with innovation and technology, ultrafine mill equipment technology is constantly improving, the performance of well developed, and in many industries have a good application, then the choice of many mill equipment manufacturers in the needs of customers is also very suitable cautious, and ultra-fine mill equipment for a long period of time may also produce some failures.

According to the characteristics of raw materials, purchase suitable ultrafine mill equipment, high hardness materials need to choose higher model ultrafine mill equipment, and the relatively wet material should also be accompanied by a rotary dryer. In the purchase of ultra-fine milling machine equipment, it should be sure to compare different ultrafine mill equipment manufacturers, service quality and credibility of the company. Price and quality ultrafine mill equipment is the factor most customers care about.
Closely related to the quality of life of ultrafine mill equipment and ultrafine mill, ultrafine grinding plant how to prolong the life of the equipment in the mill? Generally speaking, there are three main factors that will affect the life of ultrafine mill equipment, which is the correct operation, routine maintenance and replacement of wearing parts:
1, we shall appoint experienced staff to operate the ultra-fine milling machine.
2, improve the maintenance is also important to ensure the good condition of the lubrication system and dust removal system.
3. Check ultrafine mill grinding roller and grinding ring, replace worn within a fixed period of ultra-fine milling machine wearing parts.
Ultrafine mill selection, you should try to buy several sets of consumables used in certain emergency situations, such as grinding ring, roller, scraper, copper covers. If you have more detailed information about our ultrafine mill are interested, please feel free to contact our online customer service!

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