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/ What are the causes of the lining of the crusher?

Time: 2018-07

1. The sliding groove of the lining seat and the machine base is worn. The asymmetry caused by the arc depression state causes the lining plate seat to be non-parallel in the groove, and the phenomenon of falling off occurs. At this time, it is necessary to make the lining plate seat cooperate with the chute to repair the work, and ensure that the half-seat seat moves in parallel in the groove.

2. The thickness of the positioning slider welded on the base is uneven. The measured error is caused, so that the contact between the adjusting wedge and the base is not vertical, causing the lining to fall off. In this case, the base slider should be repaired to ensure that it can rise or fall vertically with the lining seat.
Third, the tie rod is damaged or the nut is released. It is necessary to replace the tie rod and retighten the nut of the tie rod.
4. The hardness or toughness of the crushed material is outside the specified range. In this case, the broken material that does not meet the specifications should be cleaned out.
5. The motor wiring position is reversed. Connect the motor wiring position of the crusher correctly.
6. The lining plate is displaced. The position of the lining should be adjusted in time.

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