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/ Weather quenching Roller crusher bearing maintenance measures have changed

Time: 2016-11

These days our temperature is generally reduced, Zhengzhou in a short span of a few days the temperature dropped more than ten degrees, and next week Zhengzhou will usher in 2016 the first snow. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery to remind the user to pay attention to warm is very important, the weather sudden change on the impact of crusher machinery and equipment is also very large, Joyal to roll crusher machine power and we talk about winter roller crusher Of the maintenance.

Roller crusher is a key mechanical equipment for crushing rock. Roller crusher is mainly composed of rollers, bearings, drive devices and so on. Roller crusher mainly crushes material by crushing. Roller crusher on the roller bearing crusher is a key component, is the roller crusher maintenance focus.
Roller crusher in the internal parts of the workpiece will be subject to friction, this friction causes the roller crusher bearings easily damaged, in order to reduce the roller crusher bearing damage, must be lubricating oil lubrication, climate The choice of lubricant is also very different.
Winter temperature is relatively low, the roller crusher lubricants should choose a relatively small viscosity of the lubricant, because the winter temperature is relatively low, the winter roller crusher bearing the probability of accidents is relatively high, so we should pay attention to. Winter on the roller crusher parking time is generally more than four hours, often in the car soon after the accident occurs, so before the car must do a good job in all aspects of inspection.

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