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/ Vibrating feeder how to improve production efficiency

Time: 2016-06

Vibrating feeder belonging to an important aspect of sand production line, vibrating feeder productivity affects the entire production of sand and gravel production line, production efficiency grasp the significance of feeder is very significant that the impact of feeder What factors do, only know the impact of feeder productivity factors in order to better control the production of the feeder. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery today and I want to introduce the exciting force of the motor feeder and the feeder is closely related to the quantity.

Exciting force adjustment and vibrating feeder to feeder motor is closely related to the quantity, that adjust exciting force feeder motor control feeder is an important lifeline of production. So how to adjust the feeder motor exciting force it, have the following specific methods, vibrating feeder vibration motor excitation force by adjusting its eccentric to complete, specific methods of operation are:
(1) Open the cover at both ends of the vibration motor vibrating feeder.
(2) open at both ends of the vibration motor enclosure, you can see the vibration motor eccentric block is composed of two eccentric blocks activity with the fixed eccentric. There is an angle between the two eccentric and the other end is also the angle between the two eccentric as this.
(3) Release the vibration motor activity biasing the fixing bolts on the block, adjust the angle between the activities of the fixed eccentric eccentric; when the two coincide completely eccentric, exciting force maximum vibration of the motor, and the two eccentric when the block vertical vibration motor exciting force is minimized.

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