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/ To ensure the correct feeding of the cone crusher

Time: 2017-09

Cone crusher is a special equipment for ore crushing and processing, cone crusher is a large-scale ore processing machinery and equipment need to pay attention to the operation must be properly operated, then the cone crusher feeding, the need to pay attention to what the problem? Cone crushers are large equipment, feeding is very important, the correct feeding method can reduce the cone crusher by the wear problem.

The amount of crushed material entering the crushing chamber must be comparable to the amount of material supplied to the crusher. This will not only ensure that the cone crusher in its normal load operation, while the maximum to improve the crushing efficiency. The adjustment of the supply of material to the feeder can be achieved by selecting a non-feed chute section and changing the distance between the feed chute and the feeder.

Feed ore through the sub-tray should be evenly into the broken crusher cavity, there should not be a lot of material from the side into the other places less material. This is likely to cause the crusher load imbalance, serious impact crusher crushing efficiency, serious will affect the life of the crusher, and even damage to the crusher.

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