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/ The load operation is very damaging to the mobile crushing station

Time: 2017-08

Mobile crushing station is the gravel production line commonly used in the broken ore machinery and equipment, this ore crushing and processing machinery and equipment can be used for a variety of different ore crushing and processing, and because of mobile crushing station mobile performance is very popular with everyone loved A piece of ore crushing machinery and equipment.

Shanghai Joyal mining machinery is a professional manufacturer of ore crusher machinery and equipment, Joyal to remind the majority of users should pay attention to the mobile crushing station in the course of the load can not work, which has a great impact on mobile crushing station, Joyal simple And we talk about.

The basic characteristics of the moving crusher load are uneven impact loads. In the case of belt drives, the impact load also has a significant effect on the motor, pulley and pulley, resulting in motor overcurrent, heat, belt and pulley wear The The wear on the mobile crushing station is great.

Therefore, Joyal remind you to move the motor crusher overload protection is necessary, we can in the motor and crusher pulley between the increase of hydraulic coupler, this device has a strong overload protection.

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