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/ The crusher correctly starts the homework tutorial

Time: 2016-11

Crusher is used for ore crushing a special machinery and equipment, crusher using hard parts to pieces of ore crushing this is the other mechanical equipment can not be completed, the emergence of the crusher to solve the modern housing needs of the sand Stone aggregate problem, crusher is an effective proof of scientific and technological development.



Shanghai Joyal mining machinery is a professional mining machinery Co., Ltd., crusher as a large mining machinery and equipment, crusher operation in the user needs the correct operation of crusher machinery and equipment, which is the prerequisite for safe operation, Joyal here and we Talk about crusher safe operation of the premise of how to do crusher start before the preparatory work.
Before the start of the crusher users need to check the role of the machine to check the wear of broken plate plate, adjust the discharge port size; check the crusher crushing chamber for residual material, if necessary in time to exclude.
On the other hand, the user needs to determine whether the crusher pulley and the protective cover of the flywheel is complete; the crusher’s fuel tank filled with oil level and lubrication system is intact; crusher signal system is intact.

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