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/ The angular size of the jaw crusher

Time: 2017-06

Jaw crusher is a common gravel production line for the ore crushed ore crusher machinery and equipment, jaw crusher crushing ability can be used for a variety of different ore crushing processing, jaw crusher As a commonly used equipment for crushing ores, there are many important parts here in Shanghai Joyal mining machinery simple and we talk about.

The size of the angle of the jaw crusher has a great effect on the performance of the jaw crusher crushed ore. When the jaw crusher’s angle increases, the crushing ratio can be increased, but the production capacity is reduced. However, the large angle is easy to produce the possibility that the material is pushed out of the crushing chamber. Therefore, the angle should have a certain range, the size can be determined by force analysis.
In the jaw crusher crusher work, but also the phenomenon of material block up flip. Because this is the size of the material being broken can not be very homogeneous. When the bulk material wedge is between two small pieces of the village.
At this point the ore and other materials, the angle of the angle between the material friction angle of the two times, so users need to pay attention to the jaw crusher angle between the I8 ~ 22, for the medium-sized jaw crusher take 18 to 20, For small and medium size is 20 to 22.

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