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/ The actual strength of the particles of the crusher is related to its size factor

Time: 2017-04

The internal stress produced by the action of the crusher achieves the ultimate strength of brittleness before it occurs, and the particles are prone to crushing. The plastic particles can see the obvious rheology, and the structure is not easy to produce significant damage. The energy consumed by the rheology is converted to heat and released, and the particles are hard to crush. Under the repeated action of external force, the crystal structure inside the particles will appear relaxation phenomenon, that is, the deformation of the gram under the deformation value remains unchanged, the internal stress will gradually disappear, the storage of elastic energy will be converted into heat, thus Increase the temperature of the crushing zone. The momentary shear stress helps to shorten the grain rheological process, thereby overcoming the macroscopic “viscosity” of such particles, reducing the temperature in the pulverizer and accelerating the pulverization process.

Pretreatment of materials, the development of internal lattice defects is an effective means to improve the efficiency of grinding. Such as steel slag water quenching and high pressure roller mill crushing, etc. has been widely used. In the plastic deformation range, strain first along the crystal structure defects occupied by the sliding surface development. With the increase of the humidity of the crushing area, the mobility of the interface atoms is enhanced, which will cause the partially expanded defects to heal and is not conducive to the pulverization process. In time to remove the heat from the crushing area, reduce the temperature inside the pulverizer to improve the crushing efficiency.
In the high-frequency periodic compliance, the strength of the solid particles will be reduced, which is caused by periodic load fatigue damage and along the weakest structure of the reason. With the vibration mill and high-speed impact mixing mill to complete the ultra-fine grinding is the use of this principle. The finer the smashed particles, the higher the frequency of action, the same is true of the high-energy pulverization and dispersion of the ultrasonic wave.
The actual strength of the particles is related to its size factor. As the particles become more and more fine, the difficulty of crushing is also increasing dramatically. The pulverization process is mainly the development and production of structural defects, and the smaller the particle structure of the less defects, the body strength. The actual limit of crushing fineness is about a few hundred nanometers, and further pulverization is almost in the ideal crystal structure and the development of new defects, no doubt need to consume huge energy

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