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/ Tape conveyor start structure is what

Time: 2018-01

Belt Conveyor is an ore processing machinery and equipment used for conveying ore and other materials in the gravel production line. In the gravel production line, the belt conveyor contacts the ore processing machinery and equipment of the entire gravel production line. How does the belt conveyor start working? What? ShangHai Joyal mining machinery is a professional manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment, Shanghai Joyal here and we talk about the belt conveyor start equipment.

Among the soft start equipment of the belt conveyor, CST starting equipment, speed control type fluid coupler and frequency converter are generally selected, which are generally large in power and long in transportation distance, and have a multi-motor driven conveyor. Because of the high price of high-voltage inverters, if the soft-start device selects the inverter, the high-voltage inverter can be selected when the drive power of the tape conveyor is high, or in the opposite case, the low-voltage inverter can be selected.

If the conveyor uses a restricted-type fluid coupling as a starting device, the conveyor may be a conveyor of small power and short distance. If the transport distance of the conveyor is long and it is far away from the substation on the upper level, the voltage loss will increase when the motor is started, which will cause difficult start-up of the belt conveyor and may cause a big impact on the power grid. High-voltage soft starter and mechanical soft starter supporting the use. Conveyor system using what kind of soft start mode, but also based on the actual situation of the project, the need for professional identification.

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