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/ Tape conveyor noise problems may indicate damage to parts

Time: 2017-09

Belt conveyor is a gravel production line in the gravel transport of a special ore processing machinery and equipment, in the gravel production line occupies a very important position, once the gravel production line in the tape conveyor problems, it means that the entire production line Bring serious consequences. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery to remind the majority of users should pay attention to the belt conveyor in the use of some of the problems, where Joyal remind the majority of users tape conveyor noise problems.

Belt conveyor to the drum and the drive roller when the normal work is very small noise, abnormal noise when the bearing is damaged, bearing seat sound, need to replace the bearings; belt conveyor coupling shaft is different, will be in the motor and The coupling between the reducer and the coupling with the brake wheel emits abnormal noise with the same vibration as the motor rotation frequency. When the tape conveyor serious noise problems, the timely adjustment of the motor and reducer shaft concentricity, to avoid reducer input shaft fracture.

Belt Conveyor Idler eccentricity will cause unusual noise and is accompanied by periodic vibrations. The reason for this phenomenon is the manufacture of roller seamless steel pipe wall thickness is uneven, cross-section is too large, resulting in a larger centrifugal force; processing both ends of the bearing hole center and the outer center of the larger deviation, so that centrifugal force is too large.

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