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/ Some Solutions to the Process of Sand Washing Machine

Time: 2017-10

Artificial sand particles surface rough, multi-angular, aggregate and cement, aggregate between the good, high mechanical bite force, so the use of artificial sand concrete than natural sand concrete strength. Artificial sand as the construction industry and highway construction and other engineering processing of the main raw materials, artificial sand production can not be separated from gravel processing machinery and equipment.

Shanghai Zhuo Ya mining machinery is a professional manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment, here, Zhuo Ya and we talk about gravel production line for sand and gravel aggregate cleaning sand washing machine, sand washing machine in the use of the need to pay attention Some of the problems.

Sand washing machine in the sand washing process to reduce the amount of sand or sand leakage reasons: sand network damage; sand net fixed bolt off. When this happens, the user needs to pay attention to check the repair or replace the sand net; fasten the bolt. Users also need to pay attention to the sand washing machine frame vibration problems, coupling frame bolts loose; bearing bolts loose will lead to sand washing machine frame vibration problems. Tighten the bolts; check and tighten the bolts can be solved.

Sand washing machine gear is easy to damage the parts, generally not timely maintenance; sand washing machine shaft and reducer low speed shaft does not meet the provisions of parallelism will cause this problem. Remedy: refuel at the specified time; adjust to meet the requirements.

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