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/ Small crusher development potential

Time: 2017-01

Crusher is suitable for the production of sand and gravel of a mechanical equipment, in the role of crusher broken ore is relatively small gravel, gravel production line is the most important mechanical equipment. Small ore crusher is used for small crushing operations of machinery and equipment, small crusher advantages for small crusher in recent years the form of development is very popular.

Small jaw crusher is the use of two jaw plate on the material extrusion and bending, crushing or broken in a variety of hardness materials machinery. Small jaw crusher crushing ratio is relatively large, the machine structure is simple, reliable and able to break hard materials, suitable for the production of relatively small gravel production line.
Small hammer crusher with a large crushing ratio, uniform particle size, too much crushed material characteristics, but the Shanghai Joyal mining machinery to remind customers to pay attention to the use of small hammer crusher need to pay attention to small hammer crusher Hammer wear more quickly, so try to select the hardness of relatively small ore is better.
Small impact crusher is the use of high-speed hammer plate and the impact of the rebound plate, so that the impact of material by repeated impact of the broken machinery. Small impact crusher crushing efficiency is more important is more important is the small counterattack crusher gravel production is relatively good looks very suitable for high-quality gravel production line.

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