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/ Skid conveyor belt conveyor reasons which

Time: 2016-07

Belt conveyor is an important mining machinery sand production line for material transport, the important role of coherent whole, we can see the entire belt conveyor sand production line dispersion formed in the connection of mining machinery under the belt conveyor. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery to remind the user to pay attention to slipping phenomenon that occurs when the job belt conveyor, belt conveyor which for this in terms of large-scale mining machinery is very dangerous. Then the cause of belt conveyor slipping What are the main?

If the belt conveyor and conveyor roller friction is not enough, the conveyor belt conveyor, it is easy to slip phenomenon. The main causes of the friction roller and the conveyor belt is not enough are the following:
(1) insufficient tension can cause the belt to slip belt conveyor: tension stroke is not enough, not enough weight by weight, these and other reasons too long conveyor belt conveyor will cause the belt slipping.
(2) If the belt conveyor roller surface wear plastic bag is too big, with bodies too wet or sticky lubricant with a sticky surface material of these reasons will lead to belt conveyor conveyor belt slipping.

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