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/ Shaker plate crack how to do

Time: 2016-07

Shaker sand production line is a key one, is mainly used for screening materials, with the shaker sieving effect can effectively avoid damage to the hardness of large sand and gravel production line of heavy metals in other machines. So the role of the shaker in the whole sand production line play is great. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here reminded to pay attention to the shaker routine maintenance Shaker strength due to a large job, so some parts will be aging, serious damage. Shanghai Joyal


Side is the main force member shaker screen box, the user must ensure that sufficient rigidity, and the exclusion of excessive amplitude of the premise, to check whether the angle of the exciter eccentric block consistency; secondly shaker should consider whether there is an overload load problems (the material is too large, too transient to the feeding amount, feeding inequality); should consider whether there is damage to the spring so that the screen box without the necessary buffer or spring deflection distortions caused by uneven screen box vibration phenomenon; should be checked vibrator mounting bolts are loose and uneven stress phenomena; in addition to the important reasons is often overlooked is a foundation deformation, the problem of insufficient rigidity.

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