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/ Sand production line equipment will be used in what is broken?

Time: 2016-05

The rapid development of today, the gravel has become the indispensable raw material in many industries, but most of the gravel material hardness are high, which makes the cost of processing the constantly increasing emergence cone crusher balance this situation, cone crusher has a high power, high yield and a series of advantages that the use of cone crusher sand and gravel industry to what advantage?

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Sand production line process in general is: through rocks and other materials after blasting through the jaw crusher preliminary broken. After the material after the jaw crusher according to its hardness after screening, select the crusher or cone crusher for crushing the second track, the moderate broken. Finally, through the gravel processing machines became the standard for aggregate particles.
If it is wet sand, sand washing machine also need to be equipped with cleaning, and finally to become a high-quality building materials. Of course, depending on the circumstances of each production site, such as some areas do not need to be broken rocks, which can be directly used river pebbles or river pebbles for direct processing, the process of the production line are not the same. Thereby producing a wide variety of crushing equipment, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, etc., are we more common sand making equipment.
Cone crusher in sand production line application is very common, that is, with cone crusher, sand stone production line output was better by more than we understand them, you can see the cone crusher in sand production line position a.

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