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/ Sand making machine for sand feed five requirements

Time: 2016-06

Sand making machine aggregate a variety of materials for a variety of hard limestone, granite, basalt, metallurgical slag and artificial sands operations, hydropower, building materials, highways, urban construction and other industries are also widely used. Sand making machine is used for artificial sand equipment, depending on the circumstances and requirements of the finished material perfection by the user’s trust. There are five of sand material requirements:

1, according to the definition of the sand, the soil in addition to treatment, by a mechanical crushing, screening made of particle size less than 4.75mm of rock particles. But does not include particles of soft rock, weathered rock.
2, according to the technical requirements of the sand level is divided into I, II, III three levels. Class I sand suitable for concrete strength classes greater than C60. Class II applies to sand strength grade C30 ~ C60 and antifreeze, impermeability, or other requirements, hydraulic concrete. Class III sand suitable for strength classes less than C30 concrete and building mortar;
3, according to the specifications of sand fineness modulus divided into coarse, medium, fine three. Wherein coarse sand fineness modulus of 3.7 to 3.1, sand fineness modulus of 3.0 to 3.3, sand fineness modulus of 2.2 to 1.6.
4, sand particle size is between 4.75 ~ 0.15mm, 0.075mm and less than the powder should be limited, the particle fraction is 4.75,2.36,1.18,0.60,0.30,0.15 best to continuous, and each to have a certain percentage of a class, its grain shape is preferably a cube, its volume slider there are certain requirements.
5, sand rocks generally granite, basalt, natural river gravel, andesite, rhyolite, diabase, diorite, sandstone, limestone and so on. Sand which is made by different rock types have different intensity and different requirements.

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