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/ Sand making machine does not forget to remove dust

Time: 2018-06

The sand making machine is an important processing equipment for the processing of ore in the sand stone production line. The sand making machine can process the large ore ore to make sand. The sand making machine is the core processing machinery and equipment in the sand stone production line. Now that environmental awareness is firmly rooted in people’s minds, sand and gravel production lines also need to be environmentally-friendly. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery is here to talk about how to solve the problems of excessive dust generated during the use of sand making machines.

In order to reduce the excessive dust in the process of sand making, we must do some preventive measures in actual production. For example, when the processed ore and other materials are dry, they are often sprayed at the material inlet, and secondly, dust-proof equipment such as bag dust collectors or filter bag paste bags can also be added. These measures can reduce the sand making machine in certain effects. The problem of dust pollution appeared.

The user needs to ensure the sealed production and processing environment of the sand making machine. Sometimes the improper handling of the sand making machine can lead to gaps in the machine body. As a result, air and material may enter the closed crushing chamber together. When the crushing process is performed, it is very likely to be dispersed into the air. Causes the sand machine to have the appearance of dust leakage, so it is very important to ensure the sealing process of the sand making machine.

Bag type dust collector is a common dust removal equipment in the production of sand making machine. The bag type dust collector adopts intermittent dust removal method. When it is in normal operation, we must pay attention to the phenomenon of leakage of sub-grid wheel. The relatively large dust generated in the sand making process of the sand making machine mainly depends on the bag filter to remove the dust, which may cause the bag filter load to be unable to operate.

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