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/ Reasons for Sudden Rise of Jaw Crusher

Time: 2017-05

Jaw crusher frame is the most important part of the entire equipment, its machine weight accounted for a large proportion of the machine, and processing and manufacturing workload is also large, the strength and stiffness of the rack, the machine performance and the main parts life Have a great impact. Jaw crusher frame by structure, with the overall rack and the combination of rack, the overall rack due to manufacturing, installation and transportation difficulties, it should not be used for large crusher, and mostly used for small and medium sized crusher.

With the long operation, the operator’s illegal operation, will lead to crusher equipment, different frequency of the occurrence of trouble, and affect the normal production capacity, serious may also cause accidental personal injury and death. Of course, jaw crusher is no exception, the following describes the jaw crusher frame suddenly cracked reasons:
1. Jaw crusher in the production of casting technology or welding is not in place caused by the quality of the equipment itself;
2. Loosen the two bolts on the rack bearing cover;
3. When the jaw plate is not strong enough to be fixed, it is loose in the vibration caused by the jaw crusher for a long time, so as to hit the front frame of the frame.
4. due to eccentric shaft, pin damage or expansion sleeve loose, so that the direction of the trough wheel with heavy dislocation;
5. The base of the base of the basic rigidity of the poor level of tolerance or collapse, rack beating;
6. Fixed, movable jaw plate after tooth wear to continue to use;
7. brackets, elbow pad of the selection of substandard, can not afford a huge impact, crusher in the strong impact, the brackets did not occur self-protection, resulting in frame cracking

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