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/ Perlite mill can process fine powder of 2000-3000 mesh

Time: 2018-11

Pearl powder is often seen in daily make-up. Pearl powder is more and more widely used as a cosmetic. Generally, the fineness of pearl powder processed by the mill is relatively high, generally between 2000-3000 mesh. Milling equipment can not be achieved, which requires special milling equipment perlite mill to process, its efficiency and uniformity.
Perlite is an organic gemstone produced in pearl shell mollusks. The surface is shiny and bright, and the nature is hard and brittle. From the perspective of the powder, the processing is relatively easy, and the particles of the pearl are also large. Therefore, choose a suitable mill. Model, the fineness of the processing is also not used, no matter which type of grinding equipment is used for processing, the processing requirements must be high, in order to achieve higher efficiency, the efficiency must be in the process of milling High, and the sealing effect must meet the requirements.
Perlite mill

Fly ash and other materials are solid wastes in industrial production. After being crushed and ground, they can be used as raw materials for cement, concrete, etc., and can be processed by Raymond mill, high-pressure mill and European mill, in construction waste. It is necessary to use jaw crushers, sand making machines and other equipment. Construction waste is now facing a large amount of waste, which is an urgent need to deal with waste materials. Construction waste can be treated centrally, or it can be treated locally. Construction waste hammer crusher, system After being treated by sand mills and mills, it can still be used as an important raw material for cement, sand and concrete, and used for the construction of houses and buildings.
The mill can also process slag, coal gangue and other materials in the treatment of home soil waste. Generally, materials with hardness below 9 and non-tough non-metallic solid materials can be processed by Raymond mill. Our factory is specialized. Production of ultra-fine grinding machine, micro-grinding micro-grinding mill manufacturer, can meet the production and processing requirements of various fine pearl powder, customers can choose the appropriate model according to their own production requirements, our technicians will provide you with A more complete solution.

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