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/ PC hammer crusher maintenance methods which

Time: 2016-07

PC hammer crusher is an important mining machinery, PC hammer crusher for crushing the material is very useful to a widely used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, PC hammer crusher simple structure; easy to operate; high efficiency ; small investment is the majority of users can be assured of a mechanical crusher. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here and focus on what we have introduced Maintenance PC hammer crusher.

We all know that a good machine that routine maintenance work and maintenance, PC hammer crusher, of course, no less, PC hammer crusher maintenance work can extend the life of the machine but also for the majority of users save large sums of money in maintenance. PC hammer crusher routine maintenance work the following main points:
1, according to PC hammer crusher models, control the feed size is strictly prohibited exceed the maximum size of the feed material into the machine to avoid load operation within the PC hammer crusher.
2. To select the matching feeding equipment, to ensure that PC hammer crusher feed uniformity and stability, avoid uneven feeding on PC hammer crusher equipment causing the load causes the PC hammer crusher important component damage.
3, for the PC hammer crusher is an important component is the PC hammer crusher hammer, so the majority of users to pay attention to hammer machine maintenance work, when changing PC hammer crusher hammer best It is to replace the original production of the hammer.

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