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/ Operation of vibrating feeder Note details (1)

Time: 2017-06

Vibrating feeder is gravel production line in the feeding equipment, in the gravel production line in a place. Vibration feeder as a large mining machinery and equipment, in the course of the operation must comply with the norms and can not be arbitrary, the operation of the vibrator feeder operators also need to have some knowledge of a certain experience. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery as a professional manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment here and we talk about the operation of the vibration feeder what precautions.

Vibrating feeder can achieve automatic centralized control of the feed, the feeder with seat structure, compact design, can be placed on the table. The applied voltage is low and is not affected by the power supply voltage fluctuation. Can automatically control at any time, feeding high precision, suitable for small-scale or fine material sieve, can be said that gravel production line can not be ignored in the important mining machinery processing equipment.

Vibrating feeder as a gravel production line feeding machinery and equipment, can apply the minimum voltage 220v, can be extremely unstable in the case of voltage use. Vibrating feeder with the overall small size, light weight, according to different specifications of the standard, the minimum weight of up to 4 kg of ultra-light and so on. Vibration frequency stability, vibration force of 3000, the product of the effective power can reach 50W. Energy saving, high operational safety performance.

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