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/ Method of vibrating feeder cleaning screen surface and bearing

Time: 2017-01

Vibrating feeder is a special mining equipment used in the transportation of ore and other materials in gravel production line. Vibrating feeder ensures the continuous supply of mineral resources such as ore crusher and ore processing equipment. In other words, vibration Feeder to ensure that the entire gravel production line to the normal, vibrating feeder is gravel production line is very important.

As the vibrating feeder is used for the transportation of ore and feed the special machinery and equipment, so the vibration feeder in the operation may occur when the feeder vibration problems, such as some pebbles of the residual vibration on the Feeder may have a certain impact. Therefore, the Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here and we talk about vibrating feeder screen surface and bearing cleaning methods.
Vibrating feeder screen surface is the vibration feeder and ore and other materials in direct contact with the site, so the inevitable vibration feeder screen surface is also likely to pollute the feeder vibration more serious parts. Vibrating feeder screen surface can be cleaned, wipe and other methods of cleaning, if the material is relatively high humidity or viscous can be washed with water.
If the vibrating feeder bearing removal is more convenient users can vibrate the ball bearing bearing ball bearing and bead down to clean down, you can use the method of spraying oil and gun spray method.

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