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/ Main features of wear-resistant materials for crusher hammer

Time: 2018-07

The hammer head of the crusher is the main wear-resistant part of the hammer crusher. The wear resistance of the hammer head is directly related to the working efficiency of the crusher. At present, it is high manganese steel, low alloy wear resistant steel and high chromium cast iron. Now Xiaobian will briefly introduce the performance of the hammers made of these three materials.

First of all, everyone knows that high manganese steel has the characteristics of work hardening. However, the force of the high manganese steel hammer in the actual working process is mostly medium and low stress, and the impact force is not enough, so that the surface of the hammer head cannot be quickly and highly hardened. The wear resistance of the high-manganese steel hammerhead of the cone crusher will be poor. After the long-term survival of the fittest in the market, the high-manganese steel hammer has gradually been eliminated.
Secondly, the vertical alloy crusher low alloy bainite or martensite wear-resistant steel hammer head should meet the requirements of the vast market. It has high hardness, good toughness, excellent wear resistance and low production cost, and it has a certain market share. Share. However, the low-alloy wear-resistant steel of the counter crusher has a high hardness. Generally, the hardness is too high and the brittleness is increased, which increases the risk of hammer breakage. In addition, the low-alloy wear-resistant steel contains no or only a small amount of high-hardness carbide, so the wear resistance of the hammer is still not ideal enough to meet the increasing wear resistance of the market.

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