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/ Machining mobile crushing station more flexible handling of construction waste

Time: 2016-04

In the construction waste generated by urban development and its production process is always inseparable, where there is construction, where construction waste is generated. Once construction waste has become a stumbling block to social construction, not only will affect the overall effect of the construction, but also caused great harm to society. However, the city’s construction waste can be recycled, can “change” as a new energy-saving building materials. After the removal of construction waste recycling in the grinding process, adding brick building materials production of special materials, with obvious advantages in hardness, toughness, and the weight. Processing and utilization and recycling of construction waste, not only can solve the shortage of resources, but also can reduce waste emissions.

Today, mobile crushing station can help us solve this series of problems, mobile crushing station is the modernization of machinery and equipment, the introduction of international advanced technology and equipment, a variety of adaptive processing of ore material. While mobile crushing station can be a good deal with construction waste, which is a new type of construction waste disposal equipment, which is a collection of broken equipment and screening equipment, construction waste site can be directly supplied to the machine body can be effectively pulverized material and direct centralized classified according to different sizes of crushed material, greatly reducing the transportation, sorting and other problems. Mobile crusher station construction waste crushing process, can be reasonably applied to other ways to implement the processing of construction waste resources.

Mobile crusher station has great flexibility and ease of installation, and “where there is construction waste, where it can work,” the spiritual operation. As technology continues to improve, and now we can reach nearly 200 tons an hour of work, has played a pivotal role in society.

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