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/ Machine sand production line advantages

Time: 2017-06

The sand production line is a special equipment for the production of sand and stone. The sandy grain is uniform and the compressive strength is high. It is more suitable for high sand than the natural sand and hammer. It is made of feeding machine, Jaw crusher, PCL through the impact of broken, heavy vibrating screen and efficient sand washing machine, and connected with a belt machine to become a line, the production line using high-speed rotating wheel to stone to 76m / s line speed, Liner, the formation of stone stone, stone blacksmith broken principle, to ensure that the entire process out of a smooth, reliable operation, energy efficient, energy saving than traditional crushing equipment 50%. Machine sand production line has the following advantages:

1, high return on investment, finished sand grain shape, with a good gradation, in line with the mechanism of sand particle size distribution curve requirements, saving 30% cement;
2, the equipment produced by the quality of sand can be more than the quality of natural sand, these excellent performance will bring the sand industry to bring new technological progress and economic benefits;
3, less energy consumption, low operating costs, easy maintenance;
4, high reliability, low failure rate, high breaking rate;
5, high environmental noise and dust pollution and less pollution, less than 80db noise, the system dust emissions in line with national environmental requirements.

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