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/ Limestone crushing master – Crusher

Time: 2016-06

Currently, the majority of the production line limestone crushed limestone ore, will be preferred hammer crusher. Hammer crusher relatively speaking, a small size, large capacity, economical and good, but compared with hammer crusher, impact crusher crushing ratio greater and more fully utilize the entire rotor the high-speed impact energy. However, since the plate hammer easy to wear, impact crusher in the hard material crushing applications are restricted crusher is usually used for crushing, breaking or crushing limestone, coal, calcium carbide, quartz, dolomite, iron sulfide ore, gypsum and chemical raw materials and other hard brittle materials below.


Since the active nano calcium carbonate limestone surface lipophilicity, good compatibility with resin, can improve or just regulate products, toughness, smoothness, and flexural strength; improve the processing performance, improve the rheological properties of products, dimensional stability, resistance to the thermal stability of a filling and reinforced, toughened, can replace part of the expensive filling materials to help economy and reduce the amount of resin, thereby reducing production costs, improve market competitiveness.
Due to the physical properties of limestone, a relatively soft material, and the crusher is the host limestone crushing system, crushing chamber aircraft can safely receiving bulk material and make it broken, but not compacted material, not crusher overload in the calibration area must squeeze every piece of material is formed as a uniform size requirements of production and processing capacity, the time interval in the extrusion material through freely, to increase processing power. We can accept the crushing cavity shape and angle bus, crushing cone eccentricity and wobble frequency combined output at a given particle size and the premise of ensuring the minimum amount of processing power and liner consumption.
Crusher crushing effect on the materials:
1. Freedom broken: the material into the crushing chamber immediately by the high-speed impact hammer plate, hit each other between materials, friction plate hammer and materials and materials, thereby making crushing cavity material pulverized.
2, rebounded broken: Due to the high speed rotation of the rotor plate hammer impact on the role of the material to obtain a high velocity, then, to counter the impact plate, so that the material can be further broken.
3, grinding, crushing: The crushing action of the two is not broken, the discharge port is larger than the size of the material in the discharge port of the high speed rotating grinding hammer broken. Impact Crusher is a new, high-efficiency impact crusher, is developed on the basis of hammer crusher. It is widely used in the cement industry. It is mainly used for limestone, sandstone, coal and clinker like hard and soft rock for primary crushing, secondary and tertiary crushing process.

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