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/ Large-scale crushing double-roll crusher advantage characteristics

Time: 2018-01

2PGX series crusher is a kind of crushing large-scale double-roll crusher. It can crush and crush all kinds of medium hardness materials such as ore, rock, coke, coal block, slag, slag and refractory materials. In some materials Broken applications are promising, crushing, grading the ideal crusher. This type of crusher mainly has the following advantages:

Advantages First, for the incoming material with the appropriate tooth shape, so that large materials by shear, extrusion, bending and broken, and forced discharge; and will be less than the product size of the material sieve, only the bulk material crushing, Thus avoiding the size of the material at the same time broken defects, the material reached a certain degree of fineness to avoid the phenomenon of over-smashing. After using this crusher, can simplify the crushing process, the direct use of open to the finished product, without the need to check the screening.
Advantage Two, double-gear roller crusher can make grinding equipment give full play to its own production capacity, output can be increased by 30% to 40%, energy consumption is greatly reduced. Therefore, double-gear roller crusher can not only improve efficiency, but also has the potential for sustainable development.
Advantage Three, double-gear roller crusher teeth larger, the number of teeth to install the location and distance of the design to ensure that those particles less than the eligibility of fragmentation can pass directly without breaking the crusher, making the consumption of the crushing power minimum. This unique design allows high handling capacity at low speeds and low wear.
Advantage Fourth, the double-roll crusher from the appearance point of view, both lightweight and compact and so on, and the structure is quite compact, simple, easy operation and maintenance, reducing operating costs. Not only that, double-roll crusher also comes with the internal dust-proof panel to prevent the flying out of small materials also reduces the noise at work, thus greatly improving the working environment.
Advantage Five, crushing roller teeth using a special spiral arrangement, both in line with the requirements of the particle size of the material discharged, but also to reduce the number of teeth roller gear teeth, is conducive to crushing large pieces of material. At the same time, the double effect of gear roller, lining plate and jaw body can be used to realize the crushing of materials, reduce the workload of gear teeth, improve the crushing efficiency and prolong the use time of the whole machine.

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