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/ Joyal improved the counterattack plate of the impact crusher

Time: 2016-11

Impact crusher is used to break the rock of a dedicated mechanical equipment, counterattack plate using the counterattack plate will be large pieces of rock mercilessly broken into small pieces, is a very reliable crusher machinery and equipment. Impact crusher is to use the counterattack to break the rock, so the counterattack plate is a very important part of the impact crusher.

Shanghai Joyal mining machinery professional crusher manufacturers, impact crusher can play a major role in the need to see whether the counterattack plate can play its main effect, in order to play the main effect of the impact crusher Joyal strengthened counterattack Retrofit of Counter Plate in Crusher.
Joyal will counterattack crusher before the counterattack plate boom and rear counterattack boom into one, this structure to improve the resilience of the counterattack plate vibration, but also to bond the material in the counterattack plate can be sent to the broken The case body, will not easily cause the impact crusher blockage problem.
Impact crusher counterplate and the rotor center line angle increases, so more conducive to the impact crusher for the material to break, to ensure the crushing strength of the impact crusher and impact crusher production efficiency.

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