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/ Jaw crusher adjustment device is useful

Time: 2017-06

Jaw crusher is a familiar with a broken ore for the ore processing of ore crushing machinery and equipment, jaw crusher crushing ratio and jaw crusher can be used for relatively large hardness of the ore is broken gravel production line In a very critical of a broken ore machinery and equipment, we all know that the ore crusher has a device, the Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and we talk about the ore crusher adjustment device.

The general crusher machine has an adjustment device which is arranged to control the size of the discharge port of the crusher’s mechanical equipment, that is to say, the size of the ore produced by the crushing of the ore crusher is mainly controlled by these adjustment devices Of Joyal and we talk about jaw crusher adjustment device.

Jaw crusher adjustment device used to adjust the size of the material is mainly pad adjustment and wedge adjustment, the two adjustment device works through the pad adjustment device. Jaw crusher What is the beauty of this adjustment method?

This height of the jaw crusher jaw height of the jaw crusher, but also to ensure that the jaw crusher fender fixed method, so that jaw crusher crushing chamber material size does not meet the requirements can not be from the Feed mouth discharge, can be a good adjustment jaw crusher crushing production size.

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