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/ Is it possible to extend the service life of the impact crusher?

Time: 2017-07

The impact crusher is used as the mechanical equipment for the ore crushing and the working environment of the counter-crusher is relatively poor. Therefore, the long-term load operation of the counter-crusher leads to the shortening of the life of the machine and how to extend the use of ore processing equipment such as the impact crusher Life is the problem that every sand and gravel production investor needs to consider. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery as a professional ore processing machinery and equipment manufacturers, where we talk about the way to extend the life of the impact crusher.

After the impact crusher is put into operation, each class must be completed after the break must be a comprehensive check. After a week of operation on the anti-broken motor, lubrication to conduct a comprehensive inspection. The contents of the inspection include the fastening of the fixed parts of the impact crusher, the belt drive, the bearing seal, the counterclaim liner, the lining of the wear and tear of the full place of the inspection, combined with the inspection cycle to establish a regular maintenance and replacement system The

Operators in the use of impact crusher also need to pay attention to the impact of crusher rotor and counterattack liner clearance adjustment, and timely replacement of wearing parts, check the plate hammer, liner, bearing temperature and so on. When the rotor of the counter-crusher is in operation, the gap between the rotor and the counter-liner can not be adjusted. Such as the material into the block between the counterattack plate and plate shell, Joyal proposed to re-adjust the gap between the slightly raised the counter, so that the block into the feed will become loose, the counter can easily adjust the light.

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