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/ How to solve the problem of how to solve the heat of the motor

Time: 2017-08

Ore crusher is used for the processing of ore processing of an ore processing machinery and equipment, commonly used ore crusher jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher are all gravel production line commonly used in the ore crushing processing Equipment. Although each ore crusher has its own different characteristics, but these ore crusher also have in common, for the ore crusher motor occupies a very important position, if the motor has a problem, it means that the ore crusher Can not work properly.

Shanghai Joyal mine machinery here and we talk about why the motor crusher motor fever, the cause of this situation are what the reasons. We should pay attention to crushing machinery models to be matched with its motor, if not supporting the case is prone to failure, such as motor fever and even burn the phenomenon. The second is not to look down on the installation of broken machinery, a good start is the first step in success, the installation of the crusher to the professional staff under the guidance of the installation and commissioning.

And the ore crusher fan leaves fall off or wear will also lead to crusher motor fever, then we have to check the motor fan leaves are not shedding or wear, find the problem to be dealt with in a timely manner. Motor for the ore crusher has a very important role, if there is a problem, may lead to very serious consequences, so Joyal remind the majority of users should pay attention to the problem of ore crusher motor must pay attention.

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