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/ How to prolong the life of feeder

Time: 2016-07

For the majority of users, the feeder is a relatively large-scale machines, but also sand and gravel production line must have the machine, feeder purchases can not be missed. We may be more clearly feeder is not low purchase cost, maintenance cost a lot, how to extend the life of the feeder is more concerned about the problem of the majority of users. So how to extend the life of vibrating feeder, vibrating feeder input costs saving it, we can follow the footsteps of mining machinery Shanghai Joyal Ya take a look.

Shanghai Joyal mining machinery vibrating feeder structure is simple and practical convenience, use continuous, uniform and smooth, it is more commonly used in mining machinery and equipment, has played a significant role in the sand and gravel production line, in possession of mining equipment a very large proportion. Feeder extend the life of the specific methods are as follows:
(1) feeder when the job must be on a stable place to prevent hit something and cause malfunction, causing the machine to violent shaking caused by machine parts missing.
(2) feeder usually do not have time to remember the rain cover cloth, because the feeder is often open-air work, and not easy to move, this method can not only prevent dust and can prevent rain;.
Pay special attention to (3) during feeder working conditions of the generator, the generator if too hot to be solved in time;
(4) the usual feeder lubrication work can not be omitted.

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