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/ How to make shaker maintained in good working condition

Time: 2016-09

Mainly mechanical shaker sand production line equipment for screening the ore material, we want to make us satisfied with the production of sand and gravel aggregate shaker is not the lack of important machinery and equipment, with the shaker user can produce a desired size and compliance gravel aggregate. One of the things the ability to work shaker is more concerned about the vast number of users, shaker productivity related to the production of the whole sand production line, how to make shaker maintain a good level of operation. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here to teach you a simple recipe.

Shaker ore material by size can be screened to a particle size of multiple levels of products, shaker amplitude, high frequency, high efficiency, low processing capacity, long life, power consumption, noise is used for the majority of users screening material necessary utensils. Want shaker play to their level, we need to do the following:
Since the shaker is operating at a higher frequency vibration sieve box appears so fragile, beams and plate fracture phenomenon, we want to ensure the efficiency of the shaker on the need to pay attention to maintenance of these key parts of the maintenance operation, if the need for timely replacement of wearing parts damaged handle.
For Shaker is another important component is the shaker screen box, shaker screen box not only bear the weight of the screening material, but also under a lot of exciting force, so users need to purchase shaker focus on examination of quality shaker screen box.

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