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/ How to buy river pebble sand making equipment

Time: 2017-05

First of all to understand the performance of river pebble sand machine, because the river pebble is a relatively hard texture, not easily broken stone, so the purchase must be aware of the purchase of the sand machine equipment on the river pebble crushing effect and finished product qualified degree;

Followed by the price of river pebble sand machine, but also the majority of users are more concerned about the topic, on the river pebble sand machine price is not only the price of sand making machine equipment itself, but also need to understand the investment-related investment costs and production costs, including ancillary equipment , Wearing parts of the use of cycle, river pebble sand machine life;
And then is the river pebble sand machine process, river pebble sand machine process design in addition to raw materials, production idle, there are pay attention to the size of the site, terrain, the surrounding environment, environmental protection, traffic and other factors, these are users Need to be based on their own actual situation to consider;
Finally, the river pebble sand machine manufacturers, users in the purchase of river pebble sand equipment, we must study several manufacturers, all-round inspection of the manufacturers of strength, reputation, size, etc., to understand the company’s product quality, production Technology, and technical level of production maturity, it is best to go to the production site inspection.

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