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/ Dust pollution caused by vibration feeder also needs attention

Time: 2016-11

We all know that nowadays people’s living standards improve more people’s attention is a healthy attitude towards life, so environmental protection has become an economic development at the same time need to take into account the important issues, environmental protection and mining machinery industry has a close relationship. Because a lot of mining machinery and equipment in the processing time will produce a lot of dust pollution, great harm to the environment.

Shanghai Joyal mining machinery has repeatedly and everyone said the crusher and ore milling machine in the processing of a large number of dust and the correct handling of the response. Today, Joyal and we talk about vibration feeder in the delivery of materials generated when the dust pollution and treatment methods.
The vibrating feeder is the key mechanical equipment used in the sand and gravel production line to transport the material to the crusher and the ore milling machine and other mechanical equipment. The vibrating feeder can make the block and granular materials uniformly and regularly from the storage silo. , Continuously to the receiving device to go, sand and gravel production line is a very important auxiliary machinery and equipment.
In the process of conveying sand and gravel, the problem of dust pollution is likely to occur in the vibrating feeder, so users can not ignore the dust pollution caused by vibration feeder when paying attention to the dust pollution caused by mechanical equipment such as crusher. When using a closed structure of the fuselage, you can prevent the vibration of the feeder dust pollution.

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