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/ Crusher dust to improve the way to get rid of the ills of many benefits

Time: 2016-05

The traditional cone crusher dust-proof manner in the main portion of the spherical bearing mounted rubber crusher dust seal and bearing housings are welded into the dust with water and drain, and a dust seal means to prevent dust into spherical bearings caused by wear and tear.
However, Shanghai Joyal  that the traditional way of crusher dust effect is not very satisfactory, there are still some problems found after long-term use.
When broken, moving with the rotation of the eccentric shaft cones do 18 to 20 times / min rotary swing, and sometimes even speed synchronized with the eccentric shaft sleeve up 300r / min, therefore, rubber dust ring wear out quickly.
When the gap between the movable cone and rubber dust shield dust ring is too large when 1.5 ~ 3.0mm, dust in the rubber dust seal will lose the role of dust, under a lot of dust will be driven bevel gear along the dust plate into the water seal device, the sink and the drain plug, dust is deposited in the water seal tank.
When a large water pipe pressure, water will enter through a spherical bearing block oil ring from the fuel tank return line, oil pollution, the impact of the use of lubricants. Therefore, in this case also we need to regularly dredge seal means dismantling, replace the fuel tank of oil. This will not only increase the labor intensity, but also caused a great degree of waste.

How to improve the traditional crusher dust way to avoid the shortcomings of traditional crusher dust way it? Experts believe that Shanghai Joyal mainly from the following aspects.
The figure above seal the inlet 10 and drain 1 removed, and then the spherical bearing annular seal groove 2 on the calcium-sodium grease sealed tight, and rely on the lower part of the spherical cone crusher dust shield 8 and spherical bearing annular groove calcium sodium based grease, dust by rotating the body will block or stick to the grease, so that the dust barrier outside the spherical bearing, to achieve the best effect of dust.
Many traditional crusher dust ills way, there are many shortcomings, after a dust manner Shanghai Joyal  machine improvements, not only saves water, increases the ore processing capacity, improve crushing efficiency, but also save oil, reduce manual labor strength. Crusher dust to meet the demand, but also for users to save energy crusher, create greater economic benefits, can be said to be perfect crusher dust-ways to improve the program.

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