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/ Counterattack plate is an important part of the impact crusher

Time: 2016-11

Impact crusher is used to break the rock of the key mechanical equipment, counterattack crusher hammer repeated use of broken rock and other materials, this broken method to produce the shape of the rock was cube type is widely loved by one Crusher machinery and equipment. For the impact crusher, impact crusher is composed of many different parts together, these parts are very important.

In the impact crusher, the counterattack plate can be said to be very critical parts of the impact crusher, is the key can not be missing, counterattack crusher counterattack plate can be used to assist the impact crusher hammer for material Crushing and processing operations. On the other hand, the counterattack plate of the impact crusher can be used to protect the inner wall of the crushing chamber of impact crusher from impact from the material.
Because the counterattack type crusher counterattack plate will be involved in the crusher of the crusher of the impact crusher so imagine counterattack crusher counterattack plate is the impactor crusher wearing parts, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here to remind the user Note that the use of counterattack crusher should pay attention to counterattack plate crusher maintenance.
The counterattack plate is a part of the impact crusher which is next to the plate hammer. The material used in the counterattack plate of the impact crusher is mainly high-manganese steel casting, counter-attack plate made of high manganese steel, Machine use survey, hardness and resistance are very good.

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