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/ Cone crushers have different cavity types

Time: 2017-03

Cone crusher is more familiar with a broken for the ore processing of mining machinery and equipment, cone crusher to the ore can be crushed and crushed in the gravel production line is often used in an ore crushing machinery and equipment, If there is no crusher crushing processing operations can not be large pieces of natural ore into the gravel production line in the application of aggregate, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery as a professional mine machinery and equipment manufacturers and we talk about the cone broken The broken form of the machine.

Cone crusher motor through the rotating belt and coupling, drive shaft and conical part of the eccentric sleeve under the force of a fixed swing around the movement, so that ore and other materials in the cone crusher continuous crushing, cone broken Machine from coarse to broken into a total of four specifications of the cavity type.
Ore and other materials under the impact of the impact, along its most fragile level of fragmentation, the ore crushing and processing efficiency is relatively high, and cone crusher production of gravel products, the percentage of needle-like percentage can be less than 10% The user is ideal for a broken piece of mechanical equipment. Joyal remind the majority of users according to their own needs to choose the appropriate crushing chamber cone crusher.

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