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/ Cone crusher equipment crushing chamber importance of structural parameters

Time: 2016-06

Cone crusher equipment at work, rotation of the motor through the pulley or linkage coupling, shaft and cone crusher cone crusher cone section moving force in the eccentric sleeve around one week under a fixed point for rotating pendulum motion. So that the broken cone crushing sometimes close and sometimes bi left solid bar mounted on the adjustment sleeve acetabular wall surface, the ore constantly under attack in the crushing cavity, squeezing and bending role in crushing ore achieved.

Structural parameters of the crushing chamber is the main structural factors cone crusher equipment. In the performance parameters to the top of the premise, crushing chamber has a decisive influence on the grain crushed product type, cavity design will directly affect grain crushed product type, the length of the parallel region and closed side discharge port size for checking material Are user requirements pulverized to a particle size two designs, but also one of the key factors that affect the productivity of the crusher, and the longer the closed area smaller parallel side discharge opening size, grain shape improved, but productivity is lowered, and the shorter the closing balance area the larger the size of the discharge port side, grain type bad, but productivity increases, so under certain performance parameters of the premise, there is an optimal balance area length, closed side discharge opening size is determined by the user. Crushing chamber nip angle is one of the key parameters of the material crushing effect of the laminate. In order to achieve good material crushing effect in the crushing cavity, crushing chamber nip angle also take a small value, but must ensure that the closed side of the discharge opening size, no side crushing chamber height increases, increasing the weight of the machine, the greater the dynamic cone corner, material manner conducive to free fall through the crushing chamber, crusher productivity, but broken grain type material products improved, but productivity. Crusher design must take into account the type of grain products tidy and improved productivity.
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