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/ Cone Crusher deformable seal What are the reasons

Time: 2016-06

Cone crusher is crushed ore and other materials, machines, sand and gravel production line can not be ignored is an important one, but due to poor and large cone crusher working strength reasons cone crusher operating environment, resulting in cone crusher seals are easily deformed. Seal cone crusher cone crusher is a protective layer, protecting the damage will not be too much time in the internal parts of cone crusher cone crusher operation. Then cause the seal deformation cone crusher what is Shanghai Joyal mining machinery to discuss with you.

Seal cone crusher is the cone crusher “protective shield” in the cone crusher cone crusher operation responsible for protecting the seal cone crusher from damage internal parts and lubricants cone crusher not enter the waste and deterioration, so the seal cone crusher cone crusher if the deformation will cause great damage. Then the cause of the cone crusher deformable seal Specifically, what does? Analysis for everyone on Hai Zhuoya mining machinery from the following points.
(1) cone crusher during installation or maintenance, if the installation shall not be treated, then it will cause the seal cone crusher locally deformed.
(2) because the work object is the cone crusher is some big mineral raw materials, it is prone to excessive force properly, so that the sealing member from the original orbits, thus deformed, this will cause the seal device can not be used.
(3) Due to the long-term cone crusher dust and particles in such an environment are more sites in order to work together cone crusher efficiency will slow down, which is a major reason for the deformation of the seal occurrence.

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