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/ Composite crushing equipment installation steps explained

Time: 2017-12

Compound crushing equipment crushing process is the material from the upper vertical into the high-speed rotation of the impeller, the material under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, and another part of the umbrella formed by the vortex repeatedly hit the friction is crushed, the collision of the material will again Between the impeller and the shell material to form a number of mutual impact crushed, and then from the lower part of the direct discharge, forming a closed loop, the screening equipment can control the finished product size. Below we will talk about the installation of equipment.

(1) In the workshop, the crusher should be installed on the concrete foundation. Do not install it on the ground level to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the equipment. The tunnel in the foundation has enough width and height to ensure the smooth flow of materials Out In order to facilitate the installation and maintenance of noodle crusher, the plant should be equipped with movable lifting equipment, and its lifting capacity is selected according to the maximum weight of the crusher. Above the crusher should be left space for lifting, Liu appropriate space in the crusher side, in order to install the feed conveyor belt.
(2) before installation should clean all the dirt outside the device.
(3) Before installation, check the size and relative position of anchor bolt hole to determine if it matches the equipment. If there is any discrepancy, take measures to correct it.
(4) The equipment is hoisted on the basis of the process to meet the requirements of layout.
(5) a comprehensive inspection of anchor bolts and equipment, all fasteners are solid, the electrical part of the leakage, the voltage is normal.
(6) After all parts of the equipment to adjust the secondary grouting.
(7) Check the spindle bearing parts and the lower bearing at the two parts of the lubricating oil is reliable connection, before the trial operation without using a dry pump filling a molybdenum disulfide-based grease or Mobil vehicle grease special.
(8) When installing the V-belt, adjust the V-belt so that it will grow properly, requiring the rotor to be easily operated.
(9) With the hand chain hoist, open the host cylinder, with the hand rotor rotor components, check the hammer and the cylinder on the counterattack plate collisions, rotation should be flexible, and then close the cylinder.

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