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/ Cause impact crusher sudden shutdown

Time: 2016-07

Impact crusher large part due to the large size, in case of failure is not easy to find the source of the fault, such as impact crusher suddenly stop this phenomenon at work, it allows users to elbow grease, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here for everyone Causes crusher suddenly stop what?

When the impact crusher sudden failure, there is do not panic, you must first find the reasons for the sudden failure of the machine.

We should first check whether it is stuck in the broken material impact crusher rotor shaft before crusher downtime, we must first turn off the feeder, but we have to remember after a back-breaking down some time to enter the buffer inertia down, but at this time, there will be a chance to make the material transferred to the crushing chamber jammed rotor.

When the crusher equipment is running, since the material of the hammer crusher hammer barrier so that the rotation axis of the hammer, the hammer shaft by friction hammer, this force is transmitted to both ends of the fixed stop by the hammer shaft and then passed to the mounting bolts, the fixing bolts in shear force is too large, resulting in the fixing bolts fall into the cut cavity between the rotor and the casing, resulting in crusher parts and jammed shut.

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