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/ Broken jaw crusher for pyrophyllite can do

Time: 2016-08

Pyrophyllite is a very broad use of the ore material, we may not know much about it, pyrophyllite commonly used in our lives, such as refractories, glass, paper and other important industries, through pyrophyllite mining machinery, crushing, grinding processing can be directly used in our daily life. Here there is the Shanghai Joyal mining machinery simply introduce the next crushing processing pyrophyllite, pyrophyllite crusher what machinery is better?



Shanghai Joyal is a professional mining machinery crusher manufacturer for crushing ore material processing machinery is very large, such as a common jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher crusher. But unlike ordinary rock pyrophyllite, pyrophyllite is because there are volcanic tuffs formed so than the average ore material to be harder, crusher crushing processing different kinds of hardness of the material are not the same, then what kind of shredder for pyrophyllite crushing processing operations it?
Jaw crusher and crusher generally more suitable for crushing hardness compared to the relatively large material, which is mainly determined by the nature of the machine of jaw crusher. Jaw crusher by the high-speed hammer pounding ore, with great speed and kinetic energy when the jaw crusher ore, in which a relatively large crushing ratio mode broken jaw crusher.
In order to enhance the degree of wear jaw crusher, mining machinery Shanghai Joyal strengthened to improve key parts of the jaw crusher, in order to prevent the inner wall of the rack frame jaw crusher jaw crusher wear manganese made of steel liner, the crusher pad high fierce steel hardened hardened casting process, which strengthened the extent of the service life of the jaw crusher wear parts and the jaw crusher.

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