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/ Belt conveyor when the job pay attention to details

Time: 2016-09

Sand production line is a complex process, is composed of many different composed of mining machinery, mining machinery interlocking these indispensable wherein the belt conveyor sand production line is a key member and the belt conveyor is mainly used to transport loose materials or items are sand and gravel production line connection point. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here and all of them understand the relevant knowledge belt conveyor, in particular belt conveyor use easily overlooked details.

Belt conveyor has a conveying capacity, simple structure, easy maintenance, etc., belt conveyor plays an important role once the machine is damaged means that the whole sand production line paralysis in sand and gravel production line. Therefore, the following details the use of the belt conveyor we should pay attention.
(1) Before starting work the operator need to carefully check whether other debris residue on the belt conveyor belt, etc., if there is need for timely clean-up, so as to avoid the machine load operation.
(2) After starting the belt conveyor, the first idling 3 ~ 5min, normal inspection departments to load load operation.
(3) belt conveyor belt to ensure the tightness of fit, does not apply if the need for timely adjustment means.

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