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/ Belt Conveyor Frequent problems

Time: 2016-10

Belt Conveyor is the special machinery and equipment for conveying materials. It is very important to transport and transport machinery and equipment in warehouses, wharves and other logistics departments. Today, Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery mainly refers to the belt conveyer used in sand and gravel production line . Belt conveyor in the gravel production line is mainly used to transport rock and machinery and other materials, in the belt conveyor under the action of the sand and gravel production line to ensure the smooth operation of other machines.

Belt conveyor in the entire gravel production line plays a very key role, it is the belt conveyor for the crusher and other major processing tools to provide raw materials, is the gravel production line link point. But we should pay attention to the belt conveyor in the gravel production line will be a small fault, to the entire gravel production line to bring trouble. Shanghai Joyal  mining machinery is a simple summary of two-point belt conveyor problems often occur.
Belt conveyor in the work when the noise is too large, the general cause of this phenomenon occurs because the belt conveyor roller thickness uneven or couplings caused by damage to the heart or bearing, the solution is timely Replace these worn parts.
Belt conveyor is another problem often occurs when the tape conveyor belt in the operation of the slip, the main reason for this phenomenon is the belt conveyor drag roller serious wear and tear caused.

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