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/ Before starting the impact crusher needs attention to what matters

Time: 2016-08

Impact crusher is a large mining machinery, the main job impact crusher is crushing processing material, which in itself is a dangerous job with, in order to ensure that the operator crusher employee safety, mining machinery reminder Shanghai Joyal Note that the majority of users need to be careful crusher at work need to pay attention, you need to pay attention to the impact crusher operation to what matters it?

     Shanghai Joyal as a professional mining machinery crusher manufacturers, impact crusher mining machinery sales Shanghai Joyal is on one of the better products,impact crusher machine structure is simple, processed products are good size customers broken material ideal choice. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery to the matters before the crusher start to note, to strengthen the crusher safe operation, inspection before the start of the job crusher is very important.
Impact crusher unit with a vibrating sex work in installation, commissioning and start-up should be fastened before all the good parts to be fastened; former impact crusher start, the door must open internal inspection to check whether the crusher product material, to ensure that the crusher load start; former impact crusher job starts, carefully check all parts of the wearing parts, the degree of wear, cracks and other defects; production line should be recognized under the procedures before starting the crusher until the belt conveyor before starting the crusher after operating normally.

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